Quincy Tam

(Managing Partner)

Quincy Tam has more than 30 years working experience in Marketing, Planning and the Business Development in HK, Macau and PRC. After having graduated in the Mechanical/Marine Engineering in the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Quincy pursued his career in sales and marketing of industrial products in Greater China. He joined Mobil Oil since 1987 for 12 years and attained his MBA from the Henley Management College, UK. His extensive experience in the oil industry includes management, operations, planning and joint venture set up. In 2000, Quincy changed his career to the recruitment/training media industry and held a general manager position of the Recruit. 



He established joint venture and offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. With this in-depth knowledge of oil and chemical industries, recruitment and training as well as the PRC operations, he is qualified to understand the need of the clients and recommend appropriate candidates for positions of oil/chemicals industries, general operations, sales and marketing, and media. He is a keen golfer and Director of the United States Golf Teacher Federation-China and the member of Professional Clubmakers Society in the US.